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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is Your Team - A Fan's Perspective

Let me for a moment drop the reporter perspective and turn into a fan. I promise, it will only take a few minutes.

As a senior at the University of Hartford set to graduate in May, I have seen firsthand for four years what the Hartford Hawks women's basketball team means to this school.

I remember going to my first game in Chase Family Arena as a freshman. I was sitting in the student section for a game against Seton Hall. Unfortunately, Hartford lost that game. However, that was the last time the Hawks lost at Chase before ripping off 26 straight home wins.

As a sophomore, I watched most of the games from that student section. However, when Hartford hosted the America East tournament, I was given the opportunity to work for sports information. I was only answering phones, but I began to see the game differently.

The Hawks won that tournament, and I felt a sense of pride by association. I went to Hartford. That was my team.

I watched that team win in the NCAA tournament over Syracuse. Thanks to some late-game magic, I was able to feel that pride again.

Fast forward, now two years later, to today. The Hawks once again are in the NCAA tournament. The difference for me now is I get to watch the game from just behind press row. Now, instead of simply watching the game, I get to cover it, too.

While I do see the games in a bit of a different light, I am still very much a fan. When the team was ranked this season for the first time in school history, when they played for the America East Championship and when they were selected as an at-large bid to the tournament, I again felt that pride. This is my team, and it always will be.

For that pride, I would like to thank the young women on the team. They have made my four years at Hartford special as both a student and as a fan.

Speaking as a fan, and for the fans, even in defeat the Hartford Hawks women's basketball team instills that Hawk pride in all of us. To the team, I say thank you. Keep it up. You are great.

It's been an amazing ride.

Post by Keith Arsenault – Senior Communications Major

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