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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hawks Catch Their Prey

The culinary tastes of the Hawks ranged from seafood dishes such as a variety of chicken and pasta dishes and even a buffet.

"It was amazing," junion guard Jackie Smith said of her lobster ravioli. The notion was seconded by freshman guard Daphne Elliott, who ordered the same dish.

Additionally, Smith said that her meal "dominated" that of junior guard Amanda Weaver. Weaver's plate featured stuffed shrimp.

Senior forwards Diana Delva and Erica Beverly had a more difficult time selecting just one thing. Instead, the adventurous pair sampled the buffet.

Delva described the buffet as a "first-time experience" in regards to the various dishes she tried. "I don't know what it is, but it's good."

Beverly was equally impressed by the selection, grading the buffet an A-.

Unfortunately for three Hawks, senior center Kacey Pratt, sophomore guard Ilicia Mathis and frehman Ruthanne Doherty, the mead did not go as planned. They could not eat their meals. Pratt's chicken dish was still cold.

"Rough start," Doherty said. Optimistically though, she and her teammates did mention that they enjoyed their earlier meal, sandwiches from Subway on the way to the hotel.

Blog by Keith Arsenault - Senior Communications Major

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