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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Christie Michals Summer Blog – It’s Not Just Work, It’s Philanthropy

This summer has been very exciting and full of great opportunities. 

I have had the chance to work an internship position at the Newman’s Own Foundation, where I am currently working with my former teammate, Alex Hall. The foundation is based on philanthropy and they donate all of the profits from Newman’s Own Inc. to charities all around the world. My job at the foundation has included researching, organizing, and creating briefing documents on a number of small projects.

I was also fortunate to participate in a business trip with Newman’s Own to New York City, where I helped the foundation with a conference they hosted for other small businesses that also donate their entire profits to charity.

What I enjoy most about my internship is being a part of a company that does so much good for others. My temporary job with them is much bigger than myself; I thoroughly enjoy working for a company that works for an amazing cause by helping others.

Another thing I thoroughly enjoy is being with my team. Summer session is an amazing opportunity for putting in hard work in the classroom, on the basketball court, and in the weight room. It is so helpful to have all the players and coaches together with a common goal of getting better and spending time together.

This is a great adjustment period for the new freshman. Everyone is fitting in perfectly and we are catching them up to the new speed of college basketball. Being back on campus with the team is such a blast and an amazing privilege to be able to continue our scholastic studies as well as coming together as a unit. The girls have been amazing, everyone is extremely focused, working hard, and having a great time together. This is a great beginning to what will be a great year for Hartford Women’s Basketball.

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