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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where are they Now? – Tanika Price --- Making A Difference

The University of Hartford and Coach Rizzotti prepared me for the real world-both during and after college. It was the best of basketball, academics, friends & family, and FUN all in one place.

Now, I work for a non-profit organization named CAMBA, which is one of N.Y. and the United States’ largest non-profit organizations. You can find out more info here: My title is Assistant Director for the Flatbush site of CAMBA. I deal mostly with curricula, budgets for youth & community development as well as implementation of programming. Ironically, I make a return to my roots as my office is located in and services the neighborhood I grew up in. On any given day, we assist anywhere from 1,000-1,200 individuals by bringing them completely free services. 

Our group was recently able to secure a grant for the Brooklyn (Flatbush) area in the form of 1.2 million dollars, which will be used to fund 5-6 projects for the betterment of the community. I would like to use this money for bolstering and implementation of more STEM initiatives, a new computer/technology lab and more academic and athletic based programming.

At my site, we have a wealth of program offerings for children, youth and adults. Some of our programs include:

For Adults:
Financial literacy, GED and ESL, first time homebuyer classes, Computers, Citizenship, Immigration and Legal advice. Also providing small business and loan classes, etc.

For Teens:
A new project called Collegiate Express (specifically for 9th graders) that will put them on the path to college with tutors, mentors, academic monitoring and STEM initiatives. We also have youth council and leadership programs as well as a stellar boys’ basketball team.

For Youth:
Homework help & afterschool programming, STEM initiatives, filmmaking partnerships with the Tribeca Film Festival (our student produced work won an MTV Halo Award and secured $20,000 for a school in Flatbush as well as a $10,000 award for one of our students), karate, acting with Kimball Studios, which is one of the groups that write for Conan Obrien and a number of other TV programs, and of course a really good girls team. I am proud to say that my two Girls teams (ages 10-12 and 13-15) are not only borough champions but NYC champions.

Some of my favorite memories at Hartford have helped to grow and shape the woman I am today. I remember after missing a practice, the coaches held me accountable and I had to run suicides. For any wrongdoings, the coaches held me accountable for my actions. Now, I can appreciate this in a huge way. They didn’t always tell or teach me the lesson I wanted, but rather taught/told me the lesson I NEEDED to hear.

The University has a family-friendly atmosphere, FUN campus living and lasting connections. The Flight Zone is just the BOMB! PERIOD! Hands down they are the best group of dedicated individuals and sports fans I have ever met. I miss them! I had a great time on campus too!


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