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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coach Rizzotti’s Second Blog from Colorado Springs: Preparing for a Championship Run

Day Two is over. This morning's practice we broke a lot of things down and it seemed as if things were clicking for the players. Then we came back in the evening to scrimmage the guys and it wasn't a pretty scene. Now granted, these guys are really good. They have size, quickness, and skill unlike anyone we will see in Chile. But they are exposing our weaknesses and pushing our team to have to focus and compete at an entirely different level. I'm not sure any of these high school kids have seen anything like it!

We only have five more practices here in Colorado Springs before we take off for South America. We have a lot to do but I've already seen a lot of improvement and have been very happy with our point guard play. Of course I'm biased but you know I think that's the most important position!

Tomorrow morning I'll be getting up early to do the incline. Promise there will be more to come on that!

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