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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The team is complete and only nine more days until the Championship begins.

I can't believe I've been in Colorado Springs for a week now.

My trip out was uneventful and then it was a day and a half of waiting for the trials to begin. I was very anxious to get going but ever since that first session, it has been non-stop! After three days of trials, the selection committee narrowed our list down to 16 players. We had a chance to work with that group for a few days before we had to select 12 for the final roster. It wasn't easy because the players competed hard and showed how much they wanted to make the team. It was nice to see how much this experience meant to so many of them.

We named the final roster on Sunday and it was our first day with only one practice. I think the players were very relieved - not just to make the team, but also to only have to practice one time. In the evening, we headed over to Carol Callan's house (the Women's National Team Director) to enjoy some pizza and the NBA Finals game. We had a primarily Celtics crowd with a few west coast kids cheering for LA.

The other group that has been around the Olympic Training Center since we've been here is the U17 National Team, which will be competing in the U17 World Championships in France later this summer. It's been nice to have them around to scrimmage against. The level of competition will certainly help prepare both teams for their respective tournaments. Their coach's have also been a lot of fun to get to know and hang out with.

Of course I can't finish up without giving a shout out to my assistant coach's who have been AWESOME so far, Sue and Joi. As my husband always says, its not easy being my assistant coach, so I have to give them a lot of credit for putting up with me.

I'll be sure to keep you posted as we start scrimmaging some of the other teams coming in for the tournament. Nine more days before it all begins!

Coach Rizzotti

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